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This is where you tell DrawMerge how many bits of replaceable text you have in the CDR you want to merge print.

When it merge prints, Draw needs to know:

The NUMBER of "variable strings" you want it to replace
The NAME of each variable string

The NAME you supply in the merge text file must match the artistic text in your CDR exactly. There can't be any extra spaces or differences in capitalization in either the merge text file OR the text in your CDR. If there is, Draw will complain that the merge text file isn't valid as soon as you select it.

DrawMerge will always generate valid merge text files, but since it has no idea what CDR you'll merge print with, it can't match the variable strings to the content of your CDR. That part's up to you.

It will, however, produce the NUMBER and the correct number of pre-formatted sample text strings. All you need to do is edit them to match the contents of the replaceable text in your CDR.

For example, if your CDR contains two replaceable strings, "Name" and "Title", tell
DrawMerge that you're using 2 artistic text strings and it'll produce:


All you'd need to do is edit that to look like:


Then save the file and merge print it with Draw.

You can save yourself even this little bit of editing ... use variable names like "Variable1" and "Variable2" in your Draw artistic text strings, then fill in "Variable" in Variable names begin with in DrawMerge.
DrawMerge will automatically prepend whatever you type here to the names of the variables it generates.

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