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You can download a free but limited version of DrawMerge to try out and use.

One or the other of these links should get you started:

Direct ftp link to InstallDrawMerge.EXE

If clicking that doesn't trigger an immediate download, try here instead:

Our ftp directory Once there, look for INSTALLDRAWMERGE.EXE, right-click it and choose Save Target.

Once you've downloaded INSTALLDRAWMERGE.EXE, run it to start the installer. Choose the folder where you'd like to install DrawMerge. The installer automatically creates icons, program groups, etc.

DrawMerge is a Visual Basic 5 (VB5) program that relies on several other files normally installed with VB5 apps. To keep the download size small, we've left these files out of INSTALLDRAWMERGE.EXE.
For most people, this won't be a problem. Nearly everybody already has a VB5 program of one sort or another on their computer, and DrawMerge can tag happily along on any other VB5 program's support files. In fact, if you have Windows 98 or NT4 with up to date service packes, you already have everything DrawMerge needs.

If you're not sure ...
If you don't know whether you've already got any VB5 programs installed and don't want to download DrawMerge just to find out, just click here
This is a link to a tiny (8k) EXE file on our web server. Run it directly from the server or download it and run it from your own computer. When you run it, one of two things will happen:

If you don't have any VB5 programs on your system, please download and run MSVBVM50.EXE (1277 kb). This is the installer for VB5 support files supplied by Microsoft.

If you have problems
If you find that DrawMerge won't run on your computer, please email steve@rdpslides.com We'll help you get DrawMerge sorted out and running.

The free unregistered version of DrawMerge works like the full registered version in every way but one: the demo won't accept numbers greater than 100 in the To: field.

To purchase the full version of DrawMerge, click here

Download DrawMerge
Purchase DrawMerge

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