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This is a quick overview of the features you'll use most often in Friday. Visit The Friday Tutorial for an in-depth tour of Friday and all its features.

Friday's Buttons

Click Question to add a new question and answer to your FAQ. This brings up Friday's editor, where you can enter content and format it using Friday's automatic HTML tags or by manually adding your own HTML tags if you prefer. Double-click any existing question to edit it.

Click Heading to add a new heading to your FAQ. Headings help divide your information into related categories, making it easier to locate the info you're after.

Friday lets you create your own heading styles and modify their formatting in several ways. It can also generate an automatic Table of Contents from your headings.

Click Delete to remove a question or heading from your FAQ.

Click Create to have Friday create an HTML web site from your FAQ contents.

View launches the FAQ in your browser so you can see the results of your work.

Friday's Upload button uploads the FAQ to your web server

Help launches the Friday Tutorial in your web browser.

Click Find to search the questions or answers in your FAQ for specific text.

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