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Friday's installer includes a complete tutorial and fully up to date information about all of Friday's new features.

Get Friday (FRIDAYSETUP.EXE, approx 450k)

If asked, please save the program to your local hard drive. Don't run it from this site.

Run FRIDAYSETUP.EXE to start the installation. This installs FRIDAY in the folder you choose.

To keep Friday small, we didn't include several support files that are probably on your computer already.

If you'd like to run a quick test just click here to run GIMME5 (roughly 8k).

Run it directly from the server or download it and run it from your own computer. If you see a message saying "Sakes alive, you've got 5" then you have all the support files Friday needs.

If you see an error message when you run GIMME5, please download and run MSVBVM50.EXE (1277 kb). This Microsoft-supplied program will install all the support files Friday needs.

Download Friday Register Friday The Friday Tutorial

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