How did Friday come to be?

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Friday is the product of brute sloth.

I wrote Friday so I could reap all the adulation and credit for maintaining The PowerPoint FAQ without actually having to do any real work.

Any real work other than writing Friday, of course.

That turned out to be a lot more work than I ever expected, but that's programming for you.
I should have known.

Friday started as a way to combine a manually maintained list of questions and text files into a series of HTML pages. But he grew. I added features. He grew some more. I made a friend for him, Robbie, who let me do other useful things with the same Q&A/FAQ information. It all got very confusing.

So I completely rewrote Friday, combined all the best bits from Friday and Robbie, added some useful new ones. And then more. And after that even more. Somebody stop me!

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