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To add a new question to your FAQ, click in the questions list to indicate where you want the new question inserted:

Then click Question or press Ctrl+Q. The Add New FAQ dialog appears:

Type your new question into the Question text box, then type the answer below in the Answer text box. If you already have your answer text in another program, you can copy it from there and paste it into the answer text box just as you would in any other Windows program.

You'll learn later how you can add HTML code to format your answers, add images and include email and web site links.

For now, just enter your answer text then click Save or Done (or press ALT+S or ALT+D)
Save saves your work but and leaves the editor open so you can keep working.
Done saves your work and closes the editor.

Friday saves your answer and adds the new question to the list on the main screen. It inserts the new question at the point you selected.

You can use the Move up/down buttons to move the question up or down in the list.

Next you'll learn how to edit the questions and answers you've entered.

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