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Things change and your FAQ has to change along with them if it's going to stay useful. Friday makes it simple to keep your FAQ up-to-date.

To edit a question or answer, simply double-click the question in Friday's questions list.

The Edit FAQ screen appears (it's just like the Add New FAQ screen you saw earlier, but it has your question and answer text already loaded).

Make your changes, then click Save/Done or press ALT+S/ALT+D to save your work, or click Cancel or press ALT+C instead to close the editor without saving your changes.

Tags and Custom Tags
Instead of typing a lot of tedious HTML yourself to modify the formatting of your answers, you can use Friday's pre-made Tags to apply the necessary HTML. Pick one of the tags in the list box on the left, just beneath the answer editing area. You can also modify the existing tags or create your own.

Creating your own Tags

If you're not ready to include the answer in the published version of your FAQ, put a checkmark next to Hold. Until you remove the checkmark, Friday won't include this answer (or its corresponding question) in your FAQ or on the main index page.

Friday's main title bar now shows the total number of questions (entries) in your FAQ and how many of those are on Hold.

For example: [Q:144 H:9] means that there are 144 questions in your FAQ and 9 of them are on Hold.

Cross references (XREFs)
If you like, you can insert links to other answers in your FAQ. Simply choose the corresponding question from the listbox above the Hold button. Friday automatically inserts a link to the answer. We refer to these links as cross-references or XREFs. Here are some XREFs to more information about XREFs

Add cross-references to other answers
Locate cross-reference links quickly

Test Link
And here's an XREF that explains the Test Link button:
Test Link

FixHTML is useful when you need to include examples of HTML in your FAQ:

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