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Friday generates a FAQ web site that includes a page for each question/answer and a main FAQ page that includes each question as a link to the corresponding answer page.

With only one answer per web page, the pages load very quickly and visitors to your site don't have to scroll down endless web pages to get to the information they need.

Some people prefer one long web page with all the information, though. It's easier to print, search or save the information to disk for later use.

Friday's Full FAQ feature creates a single page containing all the information in your FAQ -- automatically -- and includes a link to it from your main FAQ page.

At the top of the Full FAQ page, there's a list of the questions. Each question is a link to the answer on the same page. Friday can also create links back to the top of the page, to the Main FAQ page or to your home page after each answer if you like.

See Example Full FAQ for an example of what a Full FAQ page looks like.

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