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You can add your own tags to the Select a tag list in Friday's editor using the Custom Tags dialog box:

To add new tags or edit/delete existing ones:

Editing existing tags
You can edit or delete any of the tags in the list box. In the Custom Tags dialog box, click the tag you want to edit. The tag information appears in the text boxes. Edit the information, then click Save to store the edited tag back to the list. Or click Delete or press ALT+D to remove the tag from the list completely.

Other tag options

Two-line tag
When you put a checkmark next to Two-line tag, Friday adds a CR/LF between the Begin tag and End tag parts when it inserts the tag into your text. It then moves the text cursor to the end of the Begin tag.
This makes it easier to work with certain tags like the Bulleted List, where you'll usually want to enter additional lines of text between the Begin tag and End tag.

Strip from clipboard
If you use HTML email, you may prefer that Friday not strip your HTML tags when it copies Answer text to the clipboard. Or you may want it to strip some HTML tags but not others. The choice is yours. If Strip from clipboard is checked, Friday will strip the HTML for that particular tag when it copies text to the clipboard (that is, when you hold down the Shift key while clicking a question).

Strip content also
You'll want to leave this unchecked for most of your tags, but for tags like Image or Centered Image, you'd end up with just the name of a GIF file in your copied text when the HTML is stripped. That doesn't make much sense. Instead, put a checkmark next to Strip content also and Friday will strip out the Begin tag, the End tag and all of the text in between the two.

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