Can I use a different program to edit my Friday files?

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Normally, Friday's own editing screen is sufficent for most editing needs, but you may prefer to use a different editor. You can specify another editor you like in the Advanced Settings dialog box.

If you choose a different editor, Friday will use it instead of its own editor for many but not all editing tasks. Friday still edits answers and some other HTML-type files in its own editor.

If you choose a non-default editor, be certain that it will save files in ASCII text format. If you save in some other format (a word processor format, for example) you could corrupt your files.

Also remember that when you're editing in a program other than Friday, Friday has no control over when/whether you save your work. Friday simply passes the appropriate file to your chosen editing program. From there it's up to you to save as needed. Always save your work back to the same file.

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