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In the folder where you installed Friday, the installer creates the following files and folders:

File or FolderDescription
FRIDAY.EXEThe main Friday program file
FRIDAY.INIA data file used by Friday
\HELPFolder where Friday's Tutorial/Help files are stored
\TemplateFolder where Friday's Template Folders are stored
\Template\ (various) Subfolders of \Template; where actual Template files are stored.
Each template folder can contain MAIN.TPL, ANSWER.TPL and FULLFAQ.TPL files along with others (graphics files, etc.)

When you create a new FAQ with Friday, you pick a folder to store the FAQ in. Within that folder, Friday creates:

File or FolderDescription
FRIDAY.FQAWhere your settings for this FAQ are stored
\FAQFolder where Friday stores the contents of your FAQ -- questions, answer files, template files, etc.
\FAQ\FRIDAY.TXTA list of questions/headings and the names of the answer files that make up your FAQ
\FAQ\FAQ*.TXTThe individual files where answers are stored. Each file is individually numbered.
\FAQ\*.TPLThe template files which control what your FAQ looks like on the web (ie, as HTML)
\HTMLFolder where Friday stores the HTML files it generates from your FAQ, graphics files, etc.

By default, inserted files are assumed to be stored in \FAQ but you can insert them from other folders as well.

You can also specify alternate names/locations for the template files and/or specify that your answer/html files begin with something other than FAQ.

Your HTML files can end in optional extensions other than HTM as well.

To get a list of your questions and the names of the files the answers are stored in, hold down the Shift key while you click Question

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