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Before you start using Friday, here's an overview of its buttons and other features. We'll cover each of these in more detail later.

This is what Friday looks like when you're working on a FAQ. This very FAQ, in faqt.

Click this To do this
Any question in the list Select the question
Double-Click to edit the answer
Shift+Click to copy answer to clipboard
Ctrl+Click to copy the URL to the clipboard
QuestionAdd a new question to the list
HeadingAdd a new heading/subhead to the question list
Move: Up ArrowMoves the selected question up one line
Move: Down ArrowMoves the selected question down one line
DelDeletes the selected question
Create Creates HTML (ie, web pages) from your FAQ
Shift+Click to create HTML of just the currently selected question
View Launches the Main FAQ page in your browser
Shift+Click to view just the currently selected question's answer
Upload Uploads newly updated FAQ files to your web server
Shift+Click to upload just the currently selected question's answer
Ctrl+Click to force uploading ALL files to your web server
FindSearches your FAQ questions and answers for specific text or locates a particular FAQ by number
HelpGets help on using Friday
ExitQuits Friday
Always on topIf checked, makes Friday "float" above other programs
When you click Create, Friday generates web pages for you automatically. It generates a main "index" page containing all of your Questions. Each Question on this index page is a clickable link to the corresponding Answer page, which Friday also generates. Friday generates all of the file names and links automatically for you. Friday frees you to do the interesting stuff and makes your computer do what computers are so good at: the dumb, mind-numbing, boring chore of keeping all the file names and links straight. Settings Choose FAQ, Settings from the menu bar or press Ctrl+S to see the Settings dialog box.
This is where you choose settings that affect the overall appearance and behavior of your FAQ. We'll discuss each option in detail later in the tutorial.
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