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By default, Friday creates HTML in a folder called \HTML which it creates beneath your main FAQ folder. By default, it names the main FAQ page "index.html"

If you'd prefer to change either of these settings, you can.

Click Settings to bring up the Settings dialog box:

In the section box labeled Main FAQ File: click the Change button and use the standard file dialog to choose a folder and file for your main FAQ file. Friday will store all of the HTML files it creates in this same folder.

What you name the main FAQ file will depend on the structure of the rest of your web site and on the specifics of the web server where your site is hosted.

Consult your webmaster for details, but an example may help you understand the basic idea.

Our web site is at
When someone types that URL into their browser, the web server where our site is hosted serves a file in our main web folder called "index.html". Most if not all web servers will look for a default file like this if the URL doesn't point to a specific file.

If the URL points to a sub-folder of the main site, for example, there's still no specific file name in the request, so our web server looks for "index.html" in the /friday subfolder of our main web folder.

We could just as easily have named the Main FAQ file "FridayFAQ.htm" but then the URL would have to be, which is a bit much to ask people to remember and type.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you put each FAQ in its own folder, both on your computer's hard drive and on the web server. If you plan to maintain multiple FAQs, this is an absolute necessity.

Because of the way Friday creates and names files, if you were to mix up two FAQs in the same folder on the web server, you'd find yourself accidentally overwriting files, erasing files you didn't want to erase and worse. Keep them separate!

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