What answers are stored in which files? Is my HTML up to date?

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When you edit any question in the FAQ, Friday displays the number assigned to this particular question (e.g. FAQ00037) in a text box at the bottom of the editor screen.

The answer for the question with this number is stored in a file called FAQ00037.TXT in the \FAQ folder.

There's a more detailed description of where Friday stores your FAQ information elsewhere in this Help FAQ. See Friday's file layout - where does Friday store your information?

Friday can also give you a detailed status report for your FAQ. This report lists all the headings and questions in your FAQ, tells you whether the question is held or not, whether the HTML for the question is up to date, and the name of the TXT file the answer is stored in.

To see the report, hold down the Shift key while you click Question

Friday creates a report that looks like this:

2	Held questions
117	Released questions
119	Total questions

11	Questions whose HTML needs to be re-created
0	Questions for which HTML has never been generated

20	Headings, subheadings, etc.

Answer file	HTML	Question
===========	====	========
@Level 2 Head		ABOUT FRIDAY and FAQs
FAQ00001.TXT	REDO	What is a FAQ?
FAQ00041.TXT		FAQs from Friday's point of view
FAQ00062.TXT	held	*Adding/Editing Custom Tags and Heading Styles
FAQ00037.TXT	REDO	What answers are stored in which files?  Is my HTML up to date?
FAQ00130.TXT	NONE	I've never generated HTML from this question

REDO = The question or answer has been edited since you last created HTML
NONE = The question/answer has never been converted to HTML
held = The question is on hold.

Friday can optionally generate a file called FAQList.htm (or FAQList. + your chosen default extension) that lists the questions and names of answer files in your FAQ, along with any headings. It creates this file in your HTML folder and automatically uploads it to your site along with the other html files.

This feature is off by default. To turn it on, change the 0 to 1 in the following line, found in the [App] section of your FQA files (or add the line if it's not already there):

; Optionally, add this line to control the name of the files Friday creates

When MakeLinkList=0, Friday checks for FAQList.htm and deletes it if it exists. This is so that if you turn the feature back off, Friday doesn't keep uploading the old, outdated FAQList.htm file to your web server.

Filename: FAQ00037.htm
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