Using your FAQ information with other programs

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Friday isn't just an automatic web page generator. It would be a shame to enter all that information and not be able to put it to other uses.

Friday gives you instant access to all of your FAQ information so you can use it in any other program you like.

Hold down the SHIFT key while you click any Question on the list.
Friday copies the text of the associated Answer to the clipboard.

Switch to any other program (email, newsgroup reader, word processor, etc.) and click the paste button, choose Edit, Paste from the menu bar or press CTRL+V to paste the Answer text into the program.

See Clipboard Before/After text to learn how to personalize the copied text even further.

If you've used HTML tags from Friday's Custom Tags dropdown list to format your Answers, Friday automatically removes the HTML set for Strip From Clipboard from the Answer text it copies to the clipboard.

Normally, Friday just removes the HTML coding, not the content of the HTML tag, but if Strip Content Also is checked in the Custom Tags editor, Friday removes the HTML tag, content and all.

For example, this HTML:

<a href="">A link to our home page</a>

would become this if Strip From Clipboard is checked and Strip Content Also is unchecked:

A link to our home page

but would be removed entirely if Strip Content Also is checked.

Friday can also copy the URL of any of your questions to the clipboard for you.
Add this to your FRIDAY.FQA file:


(substitute the full URL to your FAQ site, including the final slash character - leave out only the final filename)

Now when you Ctrl+Click a question, Friday pops the question and the complete URL to the answer onto the clipboard.

For example, control+clicking this question gives us:

Using your FAQ information with other programs

This becomes a clickable link when pasted into most email and newsreader programs.

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