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If you've just edited a single question or its answer, it's a nuisance to have to re-Create HTML for the entire FAQ.

Instead, click a question to select it then hold down SHIFT while you click Create.

When you Shift+Click Create, Friday creates the HTML for just that question (plus the main FAQ page) rather than generating HTML for the entire FAQ.

If you highlight a Heading or CMD instead of a question, Friday creates HTML for just the Main FAQ page.

This can also save you lots of time when you're testing a new template or just trying to get some tricky HTML formatting working properly in a single question/answer.

Warning: If you add a new question or remove an existing question's HOLD status then create HTML for just this question, any previous answer and next answer links on the previous and following web pages will be incorrect.

When adding or deleting questions, or changing the HOLD status of a question, it's always a good idea to create new HTML for the whole FAQ before uploading again. If you're in a hurry, it's usually OK to create HTML for the current question, the immediately previous question and the immediately following question.

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