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Suppose you're entering or editing an answer in your FAQ and want to drop in a link to a web site but you can't remember the exact URL.

You could create HTML from the answer then view it. Or you could fire up the browser and copy/paste it in to test it, but either way takes too much time.

Instead, select the URL text ( just the http://www.rdpslides.com or www.rdpslides.com part ) and click Test Link.

Friday launches your web browser to test the URL for you. (Or if it's not an http:// link, Friday launches the appropriate other application ... your email program, for example, if it's a mailto:// link.

Friday ignores you if you've selected text that doesn't "look" like a valid link.


Actually, Test Link ShellExecutes the selected text, so you can also type in the path to a document file of nearly any sort, select it and click Test Link to launch it.

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