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Suppose you want to have whole sections of your FAQ devoted to particular topics.
Suppose further that you want to be able to include links to those sections rather than to individual answers.

Or in a large FAQ, you might want to include a Table of Contents which lists each of the headings in your FAQ and makes each heading a clickable link to that heading's section of the FAQ.

Named locations are the way to do it.

Add these lines to the [App] section of FRIDAY.FQA


The next time you create HTML from your FAQ, Friday will automatically create a named location for each heading in the FAQ. Your headings will now look something like this:

<a name="Heading_Text"></a><h2>Heading Text</h2>

The AutoLocations feature has added a named destination to each heading and SpaceReplace caused spaces in the question to be replaced with underscore (_) characters. You can choose other SpaceReplace text if you like. Leaving the spaces in may cause the links to break in some browsers.

To create a link to the heading, use:

<a href="#Heading Text">And optionally some text here</a>

for links within the main (ie, same) faq page or

<a href=":mainfaq:#Heading Text">And optionally some text here</a>

for links to the heading from questions within the FAQ

Friday can also generate named locations for each Question in the FAQ:

Where the main faq template now has:

</a><A HREF=":answerhtmlfile:">:question:</A><BR>


<a name=":question:"></a><A HREF=":answerhtmlfile:">:question:</A><BR>

Instead of using the question as the named location, you might prefer to use something shorter like:

:answerhtmlfile: = full name of the html file that contains the answer to current question
:faqnumber: = just the number portion from the name of the answer file
:faqfilename: = the name of the answer file w/o extension

Another benefit
If you enable Automatic Named Locations as above, then when you choose Subheads in the XREF listbox in Friday's editor, Friday creates a link to the subhead on the main Index page.

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