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When you create a new FAQ, Friday uses its own built-in default settings to create a new FQA file. If you create new FAQs often, remembering to copy all your customizations to the new FQA file is a nuisance.

You can override Friday's default settings for new FAQs by creating your own defaults file.
Put a copy of your customized FQA file in the Friday folder (the folder where you installed Friday) and name it DEFAULT.FQA

From now on when Friday creates a new FAQ, it'll use the contents of this file rather than creating a new FRIDAY.FQA file from its default internal values.

Note that it deletes several entries in the DEFAULT.FQA and warns you what they are -- you'll need to visit the settings dialog to check/re-set them.

Friday also sets the HTML folder back to \HTML off the current FAQ folder.

The same mechanism also applies to MAIN.TPL, ANSWER.TPL and FULLFAQ.TPL.
When creating a new FAQ, Friday checks the Friday folder for these three files.
If it finds them, it copies them to the newly created FAQ rather than creating default templates.

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