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Novice users should not edit the FRIDAY.FQA file at all, but if you're familiar with the INI file format, there are quite a few tweaks you can perform to customize Friday. These are explained in the following questions in this section of the tutorial.

Here's one that'll save you time if you edit FRIDAY.FQA often:

Edit FRIDAY.FQA in Notepad or some other plain ascii text editor and add the following line to the [App] section:



When you restart Friday, you'll see that there's now an "Edit Config (FQA) File" option on Friday's FAQ menu. Click this to edit FRIDAY.FQA

Don't forget to save your changes when you're done editing the FQA file. (But you're a PowerUser. You knew that.)

Friday opens FRIDAY.FQA in either its own editor or any other editor you specify in the Advanced Settings dialog.

If these instructions don't make any sense to you, you probably shouldn't edit the FRIDAY.FQA file.

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