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; 1/0 - 1 means Debug is on, 0 means Debug is off
; ALWAYS leave it off except when actually debugging upload problems

If you have MS Internet Explorer installed, none of the following applies.

Normally, Friday uses FTP components installed by MSIE to do its uploads. You can tell it's doing this if Friday displays the name of each file as it uploads it.

If you don't have MSIE installed, Friday uses a backup method to upload files. It creates a file called UPLOAD.SCR in your HTML folder when you click the U/L button. This file contains instructions for the FTP.EXE program that actually does the upload in the absence of MSIE and related files.

Because this file contains your password, Friday deletes it as soon as the upload completes.

In case you need to debug the upload session, you can set DebugUpload equal to 1

When you do this, Friday doesn't delete UPLOAD.SCR, so you can open it in any text editor to help determine the reason for problems you may be having.

Don't forget to delete UPLOAD.SCR then set DebugUpload back to 0 or delete the line entirely when you're done testing.

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