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Throughout the Friday documentation, we use several terms in a particular way. Here's a list:

Term Meaning
FAQ The entire collection of files and directories that Friday creates and maintains for each project you create with it.
Template Set A group of files that controls the appearance of your FAQ on the web. Includes HTML template files for the Main, Answer and FullFAQ pages of your FAQ, plus optional other files (background images, etc.)
Root FAQ Folder The folder where you created your FAQ.
FAQ Folder The \FAQ folder that Friday creates automatically beneath your root FAQ folder. This is where Friday stores your questions and answers.
HTML Folder The folder where Friday creates HTML pages from your FAQ content
By default, Friday creates a folder called \HTML beneath your root FAQ folder, but you can choose a different folder in the Settings dialog.
Main FAQ Page Each FAQ includes a Main Page that contains a list of the questions in your FAQ. Each question is a link to the page that contains the answer to the question.
Click a question, get an answer. That's the essence of a FAQ.
Answer Page(s) Each question deserves an answer. The Answer Pages are what you see when you click a question.
FullFAQ Page You (and the people who use your FAQ) may prefer to have the entire FAQ presented on one long page. That's what Friday calls a Full FAQ Page - and it'll create one for you automatically.
Heading or Subheading As you add more questions to your FAQ, you may find that you need to break them down into categories to make your FAQ easier to use. Headings allow you to do this.
Command or CMD CMDs look just like Headings on the questions list, but they trigger special features in Friday. A Full FAQ CMD, for example, causes Friday to generate a Full FAQ Page.

Three different types of items can appear in Friday's Questions list:

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