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There's an optional FRIDAY.FQA section called:


It contains ... you guessed it! ... really arcane stuff. Like:

By default, the files where Friday stores the answers to your question will be named FAQxxxxx.TXT, where xxxxx is a zero-padded sequential number assigned by Friday.
You can replace the "FAQ" portion of this with your own prefix by entering it here.

; For answer files like "faq0001.htm" use this:
; Or for "anything0001.htm" you like:

PadAnswerFileNumber = 0 or 1

If 0, Friday won't zero-pad the sequential numbers it assigns to answer TXT files.

Note that changes to the names of your answer files also affect your HTML file names. The HTML files Friday generates get the same base filename as the corresponding answer file.

Filename: FAQ00101.htm
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