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:answerhtmlfile: The full name of the HTML file that contains the answer to the current question


Look at one of the Main FAQ templates supplied with Friday. Between the <START> and <END> tags, you'll see this:

<a href=":answerhtmlfile:">:question:</a>

This produces a link: the visible text the user clicks is the question; clicking the question links them to the html file containing the answer.

How/When you'd use it

Any place where you need to insert a reference to the html file containing the answer to a question. You might use it at the bottom of the answer page template in a very small text size as we've done at the bottom of these pages. This way, people viewing the answer to a question would know the name of the file in case they need to tell you something about it.

By combining the URL to your FAQ's folder on your server with the :answerhtmlfile: placeholder, you can provide visitors with the full URL to the current answer page.

For example, when we include this:

<a href="">Here is the link to this answer on the Friday Tutorial site</a>

you see this when you view this answer:

Here is the link to this answer on the Friday Tutorial site

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