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:metadescription:, :metakeywords: The text you entered in the FAQ, Description dialog box; the text you entered in the FAQ, Keywords dialog box


<meta name="description" content=":metadescription:">
<meta name="keywords" content=":metakeywords:">

How/When you'd use it
Normally, these placeholders are used in the HEAD section of a template to supply the description that some search engines use when indexing your site. You can use it for other purposes if you like.

Choose FAQ, Keywords or FAQ, Description and type the text you want to include in the respective metatags. Don't include any HTML code here.

Then, in the <head> section of the templates where you want your metadata to appear, add the following HTML code and placeholders (if it's not already there: Friday's templates include these lines by default)

<meta name="description" content=":metadescription:">
<meta name="keywords" content=":metakeywords:">

When you create HTML, Friday substitutes your Keywords and Description for the metakeywords and metadescription placeholders respectively.

If you prefer, you can simply enter the metatags explicitly in the templates. The result is the same and in fact, generating HTML will be slightly faster if you do so.

Individual keywords for each question/answer
Friday normally adds the same set of keywords to each answer page it creates, based on the keywords you enter in FAQ, Keywords.

If you want to use a special set of keywords for a particular question, create a file called:


where *** is the name of the FAQxxx.TXT file containing the answer.

.KEY files should be stored in the \FAQ folder of your FAQ

For example, the keywords associated with FAQ0042.TXT would be stored in FAQ0042.KEY

If this file exists for a specific question, Friday will use the text in the .KEY file rather than the default keywords when it encounters a :keywords: placeholder.

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