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Friday generates almost no HTML on its own.

Instead, it inserts information from your FAQ into template HTML files. Friday comes with sample template HTML fies that you can use as-is or edit to create your own "look" for your FAQ pages. Or you can start with your existing HTML and convert it into templates that Friday can use.

How does Friday know where to insert information into the templates? How does it know what information to insert?

Friday looks for placeholders, special bits of text that tell it what information to insert where. Friday's placeholders look like :this: -- regular text with a colon character at both ends.

For example, if you edit an Answer template from one of the template sets that comes with Friday, you'll see something like this:

<body background=":bgimage.answer:"><font face=":font.face:" size=":font.size:">

The :bgimage.answer: placeholder tells Friday to insert the name of the image file you've chosen for the background of your answer pages in Friday's Settings dialog.

The :font.face: and :font.size: placeholders tell Friday to insert the font name and size, respectively, that you chose in Settings.

When Friday doesn't know what to replace a placeholder with, it simply replaces it with a blank in the resulting HTML. In other words, it eliminates it rather than show the actual placeholder text.

There are many other placeholders you can use in your templates and even in your questions and answers. See A summary list of all placeholders for a complete list of all placeholders and then see the other questions in this same section for detailed explanations of each, complete with usage examples.

Advanced Friday users can create their own user-defined placeholders. See Create your own placeholders for instructions.

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