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You've created HTML from your FAQ and uploaded it. You've verified that the HTML files are in the correct folders on your web site. Everything's where it should be, but when you type http://www.yoursite.com/faqfoldername into your browser, you don't see your FAQ.

Probable cause:
Friday creates the main FAQ page as index.html by default. Your web server may use a different default main (or index) file name. When you type just the URL to the folder (and not to a specific filename) the server looks for a default index file in that folder. If it's looking for something other than index.html, it won't find it there, so you won't see your FAQ.

As a test:
Type http://www.yoursite.com/faqfoldername/index.html into your browser.
If your FAQ's main page appears, you know your FAQ is properly uploaded and that the web server's working right.

The Fix:
Find out what the default index file name is from your webmaster or ISP.
In Friday's Settings dialog, change the main FAQ file name to this name.
See Check your Settings for a more detailed explanation of how to do this.

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