How does Friday know where to put questions and answers?

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When Friday reads the template files you've chosen, it looks for several bits of "magic" HTML-like text to decide where to insert the questions or answers from your FAQ.

For example, you'll find something like this in each of Friday's Main FAQ Page templates (usually named MAIN.TPL):

<A HREF=":answerhtmlfile:">:question:</A>

When it creates your Main FAQ Page, Friday reads the template file, locates the <START> and <END> tags, then repeatedly processes any text between them, once for each question or heading in your FAQ.

If there are placeholders between the tags, Friday substitutes the actual text of each question, answer, answer html file, etc. for the placeholder.

When it's done, then, it has created a list of each of the questions or headers in your FAQ and because of the other text included around the placeholders, has made each into a link, where appropriate.

Friday does something similar when it creates a FullFAQ, but here it looks for:




In this case, it processes each question and heading in your FAQ twice, once for all the text and placeholders in the FFQ (ie, Full FAQ Questions) section and once for all the text and placeholders in the FFA (or Full FAQ Answers) section.

What about the ANSWER.TPL template file and answer pages?
Since each answer corresponds to only one question and there's only one answer per answer html file, there's no need for these special "magic" tags in your answer template files.

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