Can I see all my questions and answers at once?

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A FAQ typically consists of many short answers. That makes it easy for readers to find just the information they're after, but it can be difficult to see "the big picture" when the information's all divided up this way.

If you'd like to view one file with all of your FAQ content in it, choose File, Consolidate FAQ to Text File from Friday's menu bar.

Friday assembles your questions, headings and answers into a single WholeFAQ.TXT file in the \FAQ folder of your FAQ then attempts to open it for editing.

Friday's editor can't handle large amounts of text, so if WholeFAQ.TXT file is too large, Friday tells you the name/location of the file but doesn't attempt to edit it. If you've specified an alternate editor in Advanced Settings, Friday launches it to edit WholeFAQ.TXT, regardless of size.

You can now see and edit all of the content in your FAQ, then copy/paste edited text back into the individual FAQ answers as you wish.

Note that there's no automatic way to redistribute the edited text back into the individual FAQs whence it came.

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