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If your FAQ is small, it probably doesn't need anything more to organize it than the list of questions Friday generates automatically and a few subheads to divide the information up into useful categories.

As your FAQ grows, it becomes more difficult to navigate. To make it simpler for visitors to use and find the information they need quickly, you can add a table of contents to the Main FAQ Page. With a little setup, Friday can do this for you automatically, generating Table of Contents entries from your subheads. Here's how:

Add this to your MAIN template:

<a href="#:toc_heading:">:toc_heading:</a><br>

Anything between TOCSTART and TOCEND tags gets "filled" by headings only, once for each heading in your FAQ. The result is a list of the subheadings in your FAQ; each subheading on the list is a link to the actual location of the subheading on the Main FAQ page.

In order for these links to work, each subheading must also be a named destination, so the links have a known place to jump to. Friday can make this happen automatically, too:

Edit the FRIDAY.FQA file for your FAQ and in the [APP] section, add or edit this line:


This tells Friday to add a named location/destination for each subhead it generates. The name of the location is the same as the subheading text.

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