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Links to other web pages
While adding or editing an answer, click where you want to insert a link to another web page, then choose Web site link from URL or Web site link from Description in the Tags dropdown list at the bottom left of the editing screen.

Friday inserts the "skeleton" code for a URL link, like so:

<A HREF="http://">Description</A>

Friday supplies the http:// part for you. Add the rest of the URL and replace "Description" with the link text you'd like to use.

Note: If you've already typed or pasted in the URL, select it first, then click Web site link from URL. Friday automatically "surrounds" the URL with the correct HTML code. All you need to do is add the description.

Similarly, if you've already typed the description, select it, then click Web site link from Description. Then all you have to is fill in the URL.

Or you can type or paste in a description and URL like this:

Friday, the slickest FAQ software on the planet

Then select just these two lines of text and press Alt+2 to get this:

<a href="">Friday, the slickest FAQ software on the planet</a>

which will look like this in the browser:

Friday, the slickest FAQ software on the planet

Email links
Friday's email links work the same way. Add the email link, then immediately type the email address you want to link to, then substitute your own descriptive text for Friday's "Description"

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