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Shift+Click the Question button to get a report on the contents of your FAQ.
The status report appears in Friday's editor and looks something like this:
First, it shows you whether the main and answer templates have been changed since you last generated HTML. If they've been changed, you should re-generate HTML for the entire FAQ before uploading anything.

Main Template:		Unchanged
Answer Template:		Unchanged

Then there's a summary status listing showing how many questions are held, released for upload, how many questions have changed since the last time you generated HTML for the entire FAQ, and how many headings/subheadings there are in your FAQ.

1	Held questions
126	Released questions
127	Total questions

0	Questions whose HTML needs to be re-created
1	Questions for which HTML has never been generated

20	Headings, subheadings, etc.

Finally, there's a listing of each question and heading in your FAQ showing either the file where the answer is stored or the heading type. The HTML column indicates whether the question is held or if its HTML is out of date or has never been generated. A blank in this column means that everything's up to date for that question.

Answer file	HTML	Question
===========	====	========
@Level 2 Head		ABOUT FRIDAY and FAQs
FAQ00001.TXT		What is a FAQ?  What's it good for?
FAQ00041.TXT		FAQs from Friday's point of view
FAQ00154.TXT	NONE	You haven't generated HTML from this question yet
FAQ00066.TXT	held	*This is a held question

Filename: FAQ00154.htm
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