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When you're editing a FAQ in Friday's editor, you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+R to bring up a Search and Replace dialog (searches/replaces only within the current text in the editor>

Ctrl+E - Select the name of a file in the editor then press Ctrl+E to edit it. See below for more on how this works.

Ctrl+F to run an automatic search/replace on the current text in the editor

Ctrl+A to select all the text

Ctrl+T to apply the current tag showing in the tag list box to the selected text (in other words, it's just like clicking the up-arrow button next to the custom tags dropdown list box)

Ctrl+I to enter a TAB character

Alt+2 to turn a two-line URL into a normal inline one. For example, suppose you've pasted in a url like this:

Friday, the slickest FAQ software on the planet

Select just these two lines of text with the mouse or Shift+ArrowKeys then press Alt+2 to get this:

<a href="">Friday, the slickest FAQ software on the planet</a>

Ctrl+U to turn selected lines of text into bulleted text. For example:

If you type
Lines of text
Like this
Then select them
Then press Ctrl+U

you get this:

<li>If you type </li>
<li>Lines of text</li>
<li>Like this</li>
<li>Then select them</li>
<li>Then press Ctrl+U</li>

which looks like this on your web page:

Change the <ul> and </ul> to <ol> and </ol> to get a numbered list instead.

Ctrl+P in the editor to get a file dialog where you can choose a file name.
The full path to the file you've chosen is added to the text being edited at the insertion point.
If text is selected first, the selected text is replaced by the chosen filename.
Defaults to last selected path

About Ctrl+E to edit files
Ctrl+E when text (a filename) is selected in the editor first assumes that a full path to the file is included and looks there for the file.

If it doesn't find it, it looks for it along default paths provided by extension in FRIDAY.FQA in
and so on

Note that you can set default paths for each different extension.

If no default path is supplied in FRIDAY.FQA, Friday looks for HTM, HTML, image and most other file types in the \HTML folder. It looks for TXT files in the \FAQ directory

If Friday doesn't find the file after trying those things, it checks Friday.INI (in the same directory as Friday.EXE)


for a concatenated list of extensions that are expected to be ascii files and if the file's extension is on the list, it offers to create the file; if the user accepts, it creates the file and launches it in Notepad.

If no TextExtensions entry is found, it uses HTMLTXTASCCSS as the default

However, if Friday FINDS file during one of the tests above it checks Friday.INI to learn what program to use for editing the file. Example FRIDAY.INI entries:

GIF=full path to your preferred bitmap editor's exe file

If it finds the file's extension and an EXE listed, it launches the file in the specified application.
If it doesn't find the extension, it shellexecutes the file. This produces the same effect as doubleclicking the file's icon in Windows Explorer, so before taking the trouble to specify EXE files in the [Editors] section of Friday.INI, doubleclick the filetype you're interested in. If it opens in the app you want, you don't need to do anything else to make it open there from Friday.

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