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If you use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to format your HTML, It's handy to be able to edit your stylesheet directly from within Friday. To be able to do this, all you need to do is add the following entry to the [FAQ] section of your FRIDAY.FQA file:

CSSFile="FULL path to file"

Now from within Friday, you can choose Templates, Edit CSS from the main menu to open your CSS file in Notepad.

If there's no entry in FRIDAY.FQA, you'll see a message box about it when you select the menu option
If the file specified in FRIDAY.FQA doesn't exist, Notepad offers to create it for you.

If you also add:

CSSEditor="full path to program exe file"

then instead of launching your css file in Notepad, Friday launches it in your editor of choice.

It's a good idea to enclose both the paths to files in quotes, especially if there are spaces in the directory or file names.

If you maintain many different FAQs it's more convenient to specify the CSS editor in FRIDAY.INI, located in the same folder as the FRIDAY.EXE file.

CSSEditor="full path to your favorite CSS editor or notepad or whatever"

Friday looks first for the CSSEditor line in FRIDAY.FQA for each FAQ and uses that when you edit CSS
If it doesn't find an entry in FRIDAY.FQA, it looks in the FRIDAY.INI file
If it doesn't find it there, it launches the CSS file in Notepad

So FRIDAY.INI provides a default for all FAQs, the local FQA for each FAQ provides an optional override, and Notepad is our Faithful Fallback Friend For when All Else Fails.

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