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Why copy your FAQ?

To make a copy
Choose File, Copy FAQ To New Location from the main menu bar.

When asked, indicate whether to copy just the formatting and structure or the entire contents of the FAQ

If you choose YES, then the FAQ, including all of your questions and answers, any generated HTML files ... the whole works, gets copied to the new folder.

If you choose NO, then the copy operation attempts to create a new version of your FAQ with all needed supporting files (templates, graphics, stylesheets, uploadable files, etc.) but it strips out your questions and answers and any generated HTML files.

YES is intended for backing up a FAQ or moving it to a new directory.
NO is intended for creating a new FAQ that shares the current FAQ's appearance but that will receive new content.

Next you're asked for a path to the new FAQ. Type in the full path to the new folder.

Once you click OK, the copy operation starts. When copying is complete, Friday opens the new FAQ and displays its Settings dialog box. Be sure to check the information here carefully, particularly the upload settings. You'll probably want to set a new upload folder on your web site (if you don't, the new FAQ contents could wipe out the original FAQ on the site. Ooops.)

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