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It can be annoying having to move the cursor back to a reasonable point each time you apply a custom tag, especially if you use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+T) to apply tags.

You can now select where the text edit cursor will land after you apply a custom tag.

In either the Begin Tag or End Tag text box of the Custom Tags editing dialog box, type:


where you want the cursor to appear after the custom tag has been applied.

For example, we have a Web Link custom tag like so:

Before: <a href="
After: "></a>

We type in a url like and select it, then apply the tag and get:

<a href=""></a>

That's useful, but it leaves the cursor sitting at the end, after the . Now we have to move it back a few characters to add our link description text.

But if we make the After text look like this in the Custom Tags editor:

After: ">%C%</a>

we get the same text when we apply the tag, but now Friday puts the cursor where %C% was so all you have to do is start typing the link description text.

%C% or %c% will work. It's not case-sensitive.

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