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While editing a FAQ entry, you can use the following shortcut/special keys:

Selects all of the text in the current FAQ

If you've selected a filename in the current FAQ, press Ctrl+E to edit the file.

Batch search and replace/Fix HTML; requires an entry like this in your FRIDAY.FQA file for this FAQ


Open the "Gallery" file in Notepad (the Gallery file is a handy place to store snippets of text and other information you might want quick access to while working on your FAQ). If there's no Gallery file already, Friday will offer to create it when you press Ctrl+G.

Displays a list of these shortcut keys

Inserts names of image files matching the spec of selected text (in current HTML folder if no path is included in the file spec). The name of each file will surrounded by HTML tags to produce a centered image. By editing the FQA file, you can modify the HTML surrounding the image file name to whatever you'd like.

Pick a file and insert its name into the current FAQ. Quite handy for adding the names of images and other files you want to link to.

Search and Replace text in just the current FAQ

Applies the currently selected tag from the custom tags list box (has the same effect as clicking the up-arrow button to apply the tag)

Turns the selected text into an html-style bulleted list. Change the inserted UL commands to OL if you'd rather have a numbered list instead.

If you select text that looks like this:

Here is the text I want to use for this link

then press Alt+2, Friday turns it into this:

<a href="">Here is the text I want to use for this link</a>

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