Sample Templates

PPT2HTML includes several sample templates. We'll keep the most current version of our sample templates here in a file called

Template What it does
Basic Creates a basic HTML version of your presentation with your hyperlinks and action buttons converted to clickable links (see :Nav.Map:) and a clickable "numbered index" of links to each slide in your presentation (see :Nav.LinksToAll:)
FullScreen Produces a simple presentation intended to be used in full screen browser view. You can use Javascript code in the link to this version to launch the browser in full screen view if you like. See the fullscreen example in Sample PPT2HTML Conversions and Open a full screen windowto see how it's done
Kiosk Creates a presentation that automatically advances from slide to slide, using the slide timings you've set in your presentation
PlainText Creates a text-only version of your presentation. This can be useful for reasons of accessibility and/or speed/size of downloadable HTML files.
TextExtract Extracts the text in your presentation to a series of ascii text files, one per slide

PPT2HTML will create a very complete DiagnosticTemplate.htm file for you automatically. Simply go to the preferences dialog and doubleclick any gray part of it that doesn't have any buttons or other goodies on it. PPT2HTML creates a diagnostic template that exercises every feature PPT2HTML includes.

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