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PowerPoint 2002 (XP) vs 2000 vs 97

What features are new to PowerPoint 2002 (XP)?

What happens to them when you open the presentation in an earlier version?

Versions of PowerPoint from 97 on use the same file format. Features introduced in later versions aren't necessarily supported in earlier versions, but earlier versions do a good job of "degrading gracefully" as MS puts it. In other words, though they may not be able to support a feature fully, they attempt to mimic it as well as they can and certainly don't crash and burn when they run into something they don't support.

The following table summarizes the differences from 2002 to 2000 to 97. "Same" in the 97 column means "Same as PowerPoint 2000".

PPT 2002 FeatureIn PPT 2000In PPT 97
Password protection Password protected files won't open Same
Multiple masters Multiple masters display properly; editing presentation may result in loss of multiple masters (SR1 prevents this) Same, but no SR patch available
Animation effects Animation converted to equivalent PPT2000 effect or lost Animation converted to equivalent PPT97 effect or lost
PowerPoint native tables Supported Converted to group of shapes; appearance maintained
Voice narration Supported Media player plays sound as WAV file; not recognized as narration, not synched
Picture rotation Metafiles lose rotation; bitmaps snap to closest 90 degree rotation increment Same
Transparent solid fills Not as smooth-looking Same
Transparent fill effects Lost; fill becomes opaque Same
Transparency on lines Lost; line becomes opaque Same
Adjustments (brightness/contrast) on picture fills Lost Same
Fill rotated with shape Lost; fills don't rotate Same
Antialiasing (text/graphics) Not supported; text/graphics appear less smooth Same
Automatically numbered lists Supported Not supported; appear as bulleted lists
Picture bullets Supported Not supported; appear as regular text bullets
Animated GIFs Supported Not supported; appear as static pictures
Comments Lost Same
Diagrams Converted to group of shapes; appearance maintained Same

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PowerPoint 2002 (XP) vs 2000 vs 97
Last update 07 June, 2011