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PC to Mac and Back

If you need to create presentations on the Mac and move them to the PC (or vice versa), this is a good place to start. And this is just a start. We'll add more info as we learn more.

And we'll point you to other good sources of information. For example, Jim Gordon's excellent PC to Mac and Back page on

PowerPoint Versions

Before we start, consider that you'll be dealing with different versions of PowerPoint as well as different platforms. This is mainly about PC/Mac issues, so we won't take PowerPoint version differences into account here other than this general set of rules:

We'll ignore versions of PowerPoint prior to 98 (Mac) and 97 (Windows).

See this for more cross-platform info specific to 2008/2007.

PowerPoint Viewers

File Formats

PowerPoint 97 through 2003 (Windows) and PowerPoint 98 through 2004 (Mac) share the same file format. They can all open one another's files.

PowerPoint 2007 (Windows) and 2008 (Mac) introduced a new file format based on XML. PowerPoint 2007/2010/2008/2011 can open files from earlier versions and save back to the earlier formats, but it's wise to test with your particular presentation; some features look the same when "backsaved" but become uneditable.

File compatibility exceptions:

PowerPoint 2004 for Mac and later include a new feature that is designed to alleviate many of the common headaches in optimizing presentations for other versions and other platforms. This new Office-wide feature is called Compatibility Report, and can be accessed easily from PowerPoint from the Tools menu.

Learn more about Compatibility Report here

If you create on Mac, then move to PC

There are more Mac to PC tips here on

If you create on PC then move to Mac

X-Platform in either direction, PC to Mac or Mac to PC

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PC to Mac and Back
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