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Upload to the net with FTP

Converting from PowerPoint to HTML is fairly simple, whether you use PowerPoint's own Save As Web Page feature or RnR's PPT2HTML add-in for Powerpoint.

Either way, you still need to upload your files to the web so others can see them.

If you use Front Page, uploading is built in. If you already have an FTP program like WS FTP or Cute FTP, you can use that. But if you don't have an FTP program you like, this tutorial will show you how to upload your files to the web using a simple command line program that's available on any version of Windows that has internet connectivity. The name of the program is FTP (who'd have guessed?)

The basic process

You'll need to gather several bits of information before you start. Your system administrator or internet service provider (ISP) can provide it for you. You'll need to know:

Let's go:

  1. Connect to the server
    • Choose Start, Run. The Run dialog box appears.
    • Type FTP into the text box in the Run dialog box then click OK. A Command Prompt window appears. The prompt says "ftp>"
    • Type "open servername" then press Enter. (substitute the name of your ftp server for servername) When prompted, enter your user name and password. If successful, you'll get a response like "230 User (username) logged in"
  2. Go to the upload folder
    • Type "CD (upload folder)" and press Enter. (substitute the full path to the upload folder for upload folder -- use forward slashes ( / ) instead of backslashes ( \ ) when you type the path.) If successful, you'll see a response like "250 CWD command successful"
    • Optional: If you need to create a new folder, type "mkdir (foldername)" and press Enter. Substitute the name of the folder you want to create. We recommend that you NOT use spaces in the folder name. After creating (foldername), type CD (foldername) and press Enter.
    • Optional: To verify that you're in the right folder, type "PWD". The FTP server will reply with the full path to the current folder you're in
  3. Set options:
    • Type "bin" and press Enter (this sets binary instead of text mode)
    • Type "hash" and press Enter (so you get hash marks (#) as a progress indicator while you upload)
    • Type "prompt" and press Enter (this turns off prompting, so you can upload multiple files without having to answer prompts for each one)
    • Type "lcd (source folder)" and press Enter (substitute the full path on your computer or network of the folder you want to upload files from)
    • Optional: Type "!dir" and press Enter to get a directory listing of the source folder (to verify you've got the right one)
  4. Upload your files:
    • Type "mput *.*" and press Enter to upload the entire contents of the source folder to the ftp server.
    • Optional: or type "mput (filespec)" where filespec is a single file or wildcard like *.gif
  5. Log off:
    • When all activity ceases, type "bye" and press Enter to log off and quit the FTP program.
    • Type "exit" to close the command prompt window

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Upload to the net with FTP
Last update 07 June, 2011