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Send a presentation that opens automatically in email

Can I email a presentation that starts automatically when the recipient opens the email?

Rename the presentation file to give it a PPS instead of PPT extension (or open it in PowerPoint and save it as a PowerPoint Show instead of Presentation) and attach it to the email.

That was the good news. Now here's the discouraging part:

IF all those conditions are met, then maybe, just maybe, it might work. In other words, don't bet the farm on this one.

Oh, and IF they have Outlook Express, use the PowerPoint Viewer 2003 and have applied Windows XP Service Pack 2, they won't be able to start the presentation from within Outlook at all. They'll have to know how to use one of the workarounds described here."

Whenever you attach files to email, the body of the email should explain who you are, what's in the attachment and why the recipient might want to risk opening it; these days, nearly anything from anybody might contain a virus, so opening attachments really is a risk.

But wait ... there's more

You'll also need to include any linked files. And even if the presentation starts ok, then links may not work.

Sounds/Movies don't play, images disappear or links break when I move or email a presentation

Note that some email programs (Eudora, for example) put downloaded files into a single folder, others don't (Outlook). This can cause linking problems. MVP Sonia Coleman explains it thus:

Outlook Express makes you tell it where to save a file attachment. If there are multiple files you can select them all, right click and choose "Save all". That way they all go to the same folder. Of course, if you right click on a single file and select "Open", it will be opened from your Temp folder and the links will be broken. I think that the best thing is to send the files attached to an E-mail which says in the body, "Save all of the attached files, either to a single folder on your hard drive or to your Desktop. Then locate file xxxxxxxx.PPS and double click on it to run my wonderful presentation."

Depending on the user's Outlook or Outlook Express security settings, they may not be able to save attached files at all.

And you thought this was gonna be easy, huh?

Another approach

Put the PPT file up on your web site and send a link by email. Or if your PPT includes lots of linked files, zip up the PPT and all the linked files into one ZIP file and send a link to that. This has several advantages.

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Send a presentation that opens automatically in email
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