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Make PowerPoint 2002, PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 HTML open full screen

This trick involves editing the script.js and Outline.htm files PowerPoint creates when you save your presentation as a web page from PowerPoint 2002 through 2007.

This doesn't work for PowerPoint 2000 - if you use PPT2000, see Make PowerPoint 2000 HTML open full screen instead.

For examples and a much more thorough tutorial on publishing PowerPoint presentations to the web (including how to play sound throughout the entire presentation) please visit MVP Michael Koerner's PPT to HTML Tutorial

function FullScreen2()
if ( PPTSld.g_animUseRuntime )
var href = ( document.location.protocol == 'mhtml:') ? FULLSCR_HREF : 
win = MHTMLPrefix+href,null,"fullscreen=yes" );
if( PPTSld.g_animUseRuntime )
if( IsWin("PPTOtlNav" ) ){ LoadNav("OtlNavObj",UpdOtlNav); 
parent.gOtlNavLoaded=true; return }
if( IsWin("PPTOtlNav" ) ){ LoadNav("OtlNavObj",UpdOtlNav); 
parent.gOtlNavLoaded=true; parent.FullScreen2(); return }

Notice the new line above is simply calling parent.FullScreen2() before the return.

The FullScreen2() function is a copy of the FullScreen() function, minus the check for PPTNav.event.ctrlKey. The check for PPTNav.event.ctrlKey in FullScreen() is to determine if the user has the Ctrl key held down at the time they clicked the Slide Show button. But since we want to call FullScreen without the button, we created FullScreen2() which doesn't check for the PPTNav.event.

Now the slide show should start automatically when you open the main htm file, at least in recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please test with other browsers if wide compatibility is important to you. This method doesn't appear to work with Netscape 6 or 7.

Note that if the browser has pop-up blocking software installed, the user may need to click on the "Full Screen" icon at the bottom of the page to view the presentation full-screen. The Google Toolbar's "Block Popups" option is known to cause this problem.

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Supercharge your PPT Productivity with PPTools

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Make PowerPoint 2002, PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 HTML open full screen
Last update 18 July, 2011