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How to install Office, PowerPoint (and other software) on a netbook


Most netbooks (and some other small, lightweight laptops) don't have a CD/DVD reader. Unless we download software, it usually comes on a CD/DVD. How are we supposed to install it on a netbook?


There are several ways to solve this problem.

External CD/DVD drive

You can purchase a USB portable CD/DVD reader/burner for under $100 nowadays. Plug it in, pop in the Office media and run the installer.

A few suggestions:

USB thumb-drive or external hard disk

Use a computer that has a CD/DVD drive and copy the entire contents of the installation CD/DVD to a folder on a USB stick, USB portable hard drive or even an SD or similar card (if your netbook has a card reader built in or you have an external one you can use).

Move the USB stick/hard drive/etc. to your netbook, browse to the folder you just created and run the software's installation program.

Network shared drive

If you have a network and can connect the netbook to it, share a CD/DVD drive from one of the other computers on the network or copy the contents of the CD/DVD to a folder on a shared drive. Connect to the shared drive from the netbook and run the software's installation program from the folder you just created.


From another computer, upload the entire contents of the CD/DVD to SkyDrive or other online storage service, an FTP server or your own web site if you have one, or even mail it to yourself using YouSendIt or similar services. Download/receive the files on your netbook and install away.

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How to install Office, PowerPoint (and other software) on a netbook
Last update 07 June, 2011