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What does Prep4PDF do for me?

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What DOESN'T Prep4PDF do for me?

Prep4PDF doesn't actually make PDFs
At least not on its own. It works in conjunction with the compatible PDF-making software you already own so that you can make better PDFs using the software you're already familiar with.

Instead, it prepares your PowerPoint presentations so that when you convert them to PDF, they look and act as much as possible like the original PPT presentations did.

PDF itself has no support for animations and Prep4PDF can't change that. Animations you've added to your PowerPoint files will not appear in PDFs made using Prep4PDF or any other PDF-making software.

There are probably other PowerPoint features that Prep4PDF doesn't translate into PDF, either because PDF doesn't support it or because we haven't thought of it yet.

That's why we offer a fully functional demo version of Prep4PDF ... so you can test it out for yourself, on your own PowerPoint files, to see if the features important to you work the way you'd expect them to.

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