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New Feature: Make Visible or Invisible

We recently added a new Make Invisible tool to the free StarterSet toolbar.

When you click it, it "toggles" the visibility of all currently selected shapes. That is, it makes visible shapes invisible and invisible ones visible again.

But if it's hidden, how do I select it?

Once you've made a shape invisible, how do you find it so you can select it and make it visible again?

There are a couple ways of going about it, actually.

To make ALL hidden shapes on ALL slides visible again, hold down the SHIFT key while you click the Make Invisible button.

If you want to be a bit more selective and work shape by shape or slide by slide, here are a few tricks:

PowerPoint 2003 and previous

Or use my favorite devious trick:

PowerPoint 2007 and later

Use the Selection and Visibility pane to make any individual shapes visible or invisible as needed.
Now everything, all the shapes on the slide are invisible so ...

It'll take you a third the time to do it as it just took to read about it.

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