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PS-related software

There are probably thousands of available programs that do various things with/to PostScript. Any attempt to list them all would be utterly hopeless, but here are some that I've found useful or had recommended by other people I trust and respect.

GhostScript/GhostView GhostScript is a very capable PostScript interpreter, PDF reader and far, far more. GhostView is a GUI-based front-end that vastly simplifies using GhostScript.

GhostScript was originally developed by Aladdin Enterprises but ... well, let's let them tell the story. From their site:

The best place to find information about Ghostscript is at You can also find freely available Ghostscript code and documentation, and related material, at

Aladdin Enterprises was essentially the sole developer of Ghostscript versions released through the end of calendar year 2000: while we are proud to take responsibility for the qualities of those versions, at this point we can neither answer questions about, nor provide support for, any version of Ghostscript, including those. In September 2000, we transferred ownership of Ghostscript, including the expectation of leadership for future development, to artofcode LLC: they take responsibility for the qualities of all versions of Ghostscript released since January 1, 2001. The home page for artofcode LLC is at Please contact them, not us, if you have any questions about Ghostscript.

There's also a huge list of links to interesting things at

PSAlter is a PostScript debugging and editing tool. It doesn't allow you to edit PostScript images visually as you would in a graphics program; rather, you use it to edit the actual PostScript source code then view your results interactively. An amazing piece of work and, so far as I know, unique.

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