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Links to places where you can learn more about PDF

Start at the horse's mouth: The Partnering With Adobe Home site where you can find detailed technical information, file specs and much more.

Quite Software has several useful PDF and PostScript programs available for sale. There's also a great deal of information there about PS and error diagnosis. The site has links to many other sites where PS/PDF information can be found.

Thomas Merz has published several highly useful books about PostScript and PDF. You can find out more about these and download one highly useful sample chapter about PDFMark and EPS, at his site. If you need to generate PDF directly from your own programs, you may also wish to investigate his PDFLIB software.

A wealth of useful PDF information and software for use with PDF can be found at:

PDFZone PDFZone also sponsors several PDF-related mailing lists. Learn more about these at their site.


There are several PDF/Acrobat-related forums at Adobe's User To User forums

You can also access these same forums via newsreader at the server

The comp.text.pdf newsgroup is a valuable source of information, especially if your platform of choice is other than Windows/Mac.

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