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You want every page of your PDF to have a link to a particular page, say the first page of the Table of Contents or to an index page.

You could use Acrobat's link tool to create the link on every page, but that's tedious if more than a few links are to be created. And unfortunately, you can't copy and paste links.

You can copy and paste buttons created with the form tool, but once you're in the midst of using it to create a Go To View link, you find that you can't change pages, so there's no way to set the target of the link to anything but the current page. All you can create on any given page is a form button that links to that page. Spectacularly un-useful, it would seem.

But wait. Consider:

You can create a form button that links to any page, so long as you create it on that page.

And you can copy and paste form buttons to other pages.

There's your answer.

  • Go to the page you want to link TO. Create the form button there. In Acrobat 4, you can set a Go To View link to the current page. This feature is no longer available in Acrobat 5 for some reason; a bit of javascript could probably do the trick instead. For example code, see How to make a dbutton to navigate to another page on PlanetPDF.
  • Select and copy the form button.
  • Then go to each page you want a link to appear on and paste the button onto it.
  • Finally, delete the original button on the target page.

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