Make a PDF file if I don't have Acrobat?

PDF Creator, a printer driver from Jaws Systems, makes it simple to print directly to PDF files from Windows apps. Fully functional demo available.

PDF Creator is extremely fast and is easy to use. It's equivalent to the Distiller and Distiller printer driver portions of Acrobat. It lets you print to PDF files or convert Postscript to EPS but doesn't include software (ie, Acrobat) for further editing, creating links, cataloguing etc.

ControlP.COM (a printing company that encourages the use of PDF) has apparently contracted with Jaws Systems to distribute PDF Creator to their customers. You can register as a customer and get a free copy of PDF Creator at their site.

GhostScript/GhostView can create PDFs from PostScript files much the way Distiller does. There's a more detailed description of GhostScript and download links at PS-related software

Dane Prairie has a driver that "prints" directly to PDF, somewhat like PDFWriter does.

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